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Samarpan Institute of Nursing and Paramedical Sciences (SINPS) was founded by
Dr. R. S. Dubey and is managed under the charitable trust of Akshaya Sewa Sansthan. Established in the year 2010, the institution is dedicated to the mission of promoting quality healthcare education and transforming young students into professionals who can contribute to the rapidly growing health care sector in India. 

We subscribe to the land-grant philosophy and its three-pronged mission - outreach that bridges the areas of teaching and extension, research and service. Our goal is to promote competence and leadership in evidence-based healthcare practice from community to global level. We understand that learning is most effective when individual learner’s needs are considered and  active learner participation is facilitated. Hence, we work towards creating a conducive environment which encourages these traits. In his own words, Dr. R. S. Dubey summarizes the journey of Samarpan Group and the inspiration behind setting up this institution.

Our 23 years of journey, we have been recognized by the Mission Niramaya (a Govt. of
Uttar Pradesh initiative ) as one of the Mentor Institutes in the state. In a review done by the Quality Council of India of all the Nursing and Paramedical Institutes in the state, our Institute was awarded a 97% rating, the highest among all. 



Dr. Ram Shringar Dubey
Founder & Chairman,
Samarpan Group 

  • Ex- Director, TSM Medical College & Hospital, Lucknow

  • Member of U.P State Medical Faculty

  • Served for 35 years in UP, PMS

  • Ex-Director & CMS, RML Hospital, Lucknow

"After dedicating almost 5 decades of my life to the healthcare field,  I can confidently say that careers in medicine, nursing and paramedical sciences are one of the most demanding, yet a noble endeavor. At SINPS, we provide opportunities to students so that they can seek educational excellence in a safe and inspired learning environment. Our highly qualified faculty provide the much desired skill, knowledge and experience needed by students to meet the challenges of today and provide excellent service wherever they go".


Smt. Nirmala Dubey
Co-founder & Chairperson, Akshaya Sewa Sansthan

  • Social Activist  and Entrepreneur

  • M.A, Political Science

"We believe that the progress of a country depends on the health of the citizens. Hence it is critical that educated and professionally qualified individuals serve to promote health and well-being of the  community and contribute to the welfare of the nation."


Dr. Manisha Nath Dubey
Chief Advisor

  • B.A.S.L.P, MAud, Australian College of Audiology, QLD, Australia

  • Specialisation in Cochlear Implant, Hearing Aid Assessment and Dispensing

  • 20+ years of experience as Clinical Audiologist

"At SINPS, we understand that nursing and paramedical students carry forward the responsibility for establishing a certain benchmark of practice wherever their career takes them. Hence, it is absolutely critical that the students should be appropriately trained, oriented and directly supervised by qualified and experienced faculty."


Dr. V.P. Tewari, Director

  • Ex- Director, Himalayan Forest Research Institute, Shimla 

  • Over 30 years of working and leadership experience under Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India

  • Scholar and Visiting Scientist to global institutions and conferences

  • Author of 8 books and 100+ research papers

"The Samarpan Group has a board of advisors who come with invaluable experience from various fields and use this experience to build the perfect learning environment for students to succeed in." 


We remember our Managing Director and Chief Advisor - Dr. Prashant Dubey, who left  us for his heavenly abode. Along with being a beloved son, a loving husband and a doting father, he was a man of exemplary vision and a passionate administrator.


His vision and leadership helped modernize the Samarpan Institutes (SINPS and SCOP) and the Samarpan Hospital. He created world-class learning centers by adding smart laboratories, tech -enabled classrooms, amenities such as board room with latest conferencing facilities and much more. Among his lasting contributions to the institution, is the Nirmal Auditorium which he built and dedicated to his mother - Smt. Nirmala Dubey.


Gone too soon, his void will be impossible to fill. We will continue to get inspired by his ideals and work towards fulfilling his grand vision.

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Mr. R K Tiwari,
Administrative Officer

  • 40+ years of work experience of working at the Indian Airforce (including management of various IAF hospitals located across the country)

  • Looking after watch & ward, Housekeeping services, fire safety, and overall campus management 


Mr. A.K. Pathak
Estate Officer

  • Been with Samarpan Institute from the start of its journey

  • Looking after the Samarpan Estate, construction, repair work, overseeing the Samarpan Store, Purchases and Legal Matter 


  • Looking after day-to-day work and management of Samarpan Hospital

Mr. Anoop Mishra
Officer in Charge, Samarpan Hospital


  • Professor of Pathology,  RMLIMS
    Area of expertise - Hematopathology

  • Academician, administrator & researcher with
    20+ years of experience in the medical field

  • MD (KGMU, Lucknow), MBBS (HIMS, Dehradun)

  • Senior Residency (SGPGIMS, Lucknow)

Dr. Namrata Punit Awasthi, M.D.

Prateek - Copy.jpg
  • Business Manager, Leading Global Tech Firm

  • 14+ years of marketing and sales experience

  • B.Tech, DAIICT, Gandhinagar

  • MBA, MICA, Ahmedabad

Prateek Dubey

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