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Design Patent Recognition for Dr Dipti Shukla

The importance of design patents in nursing is an emerging area, as these types of patents are more commonly associated with consumer products and industrial applications. However, design patents play an integral role in training students, improving patient care and advancing the field of nursing.

If a nurse / healthcare professional / academic / researcher develops a novel approach to providing care that involves specific equipment or tools with a distinct design, a design patent could protect their intellectual property and encourage wider adoption of the method.

Congratulations to our Principal Mam, Dr. Dipti Shukla, for her recent achievement in registering Design Patents with the ‘Indian Patent Office’ under the Government of India.

The innovative patent designs titled ‘Dipper for Orofacial Clefts’ and 'Multi-Layer Feminine Absorbent Pad' is a testament to her research and thinking approach towards academics.

Dr Dipti has played a pivotal role in making Samarapan Institute of Nursing and Paramedical Sciences, one of the most sought after nursing colleges in Lucknow. Her focus on academics and research is also inspiring. We wish her success in all such future endeavors!

Design Patent
Download • 1.78MB

Design Patent 2
Download • 1.04MB


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