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The Institute follows Annual System spreading over entire academic period. In Each Year there will be Class Tests, Term Examinations and End Term Examination followed by Practical Examination. In the 1st year a PTS examination will be conducted after completion of 3 months of the course. The End Term examination shall be conducted by the KGMU for the B.Sc Nursing degree program and by the U.P. State Medical Faculty for all the 3 years diploma course. The grading of marks will be as follows:

Distinction - 80% and above
First Division - 70% to 79%
Second Division - 60% to 69%
Pass - 50% to 59%
Fail - Below 50%

The dates of examinations will be as prescribed by the KGMU university, Institute/State Medical Faculty from time to time. No student will be promoted to higher classes unless he/she has cleared all the papers in the previous relevant year.

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