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Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights

Updated: May 18, 2023

A one day seminar on Intellectual Property Rights was held at SINPS by our Guest Speaker Mrs. Pooja Kumar.

Mrs. Kumar is a professional at the National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission (NIPAM - IP) and she spoke at length about the importance of IPR in academics, especially in this age of blatant infringements.

It was an eye opening session for students who understood the importance of safeguarding their academic, research and personal creative work by IPR.

In the health care segment, their are new ideas / research work / lab work / new developments taking place every day. Hence, it is an additional asset to be aware of IPR and make use of it.

Here are some glimpses of the seminar and shared below is the media coverage of the day.

NEWS - समर्पण इंस्टिट्यूट में वन डे सेमिनार का आयोजन



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